DIY Cat Furniture

Does your cat have some pet furniture of her own? If so, that’s wonderful! While Fluffy will somehow manage to fall asleep on furniture made for people, she’ll appreciate having some things that suit her needs. You don’t have to break the bank buying your kitty’s purrniture, however. There are some great pieces you can make your feline pal out of common household items. Here, a Bel Air, MD vet lists some DIY cat furniture options.


As far as Fluffy is concerned, there is no such thing as too many beds. One easy way to give your sleepy pet a cute new bed is to repurpose a hard-shell suitcase or hatbox. Add paint or varnish to make it look nice, and then add soft pillows. You can also turn an old sweater into a comfy bed. Sew the waist and wrist openings closed, and then sew the arms to the torso in an O shape. Add a soft, pet-safe stuffing, then close up the neck.

Cat Towers

Cat towers are actually very beneficial for Fluffy. They offer her a good vantage point, so she can survey her kingdom and supervise her humans. They also provide napping spots, jungle gyms, and scratching posts. Turn an old stepladder into a kitty tower by adding smooth boards to the steps to make them a bit wider. Then, cover the whole thing in carpet and/or sisal rope. This also works with bookcases and metal storage racks. If you’re feeling particularly inspired, you can make your feline overlord a tower from scratch using PVC pipe, lumber, or even a thick branch.

Kitty Tent

Many cats feel safest in small, enclosed spaces. You can make Fluffy a cute pet tent out of a tee shirt and some wire hangars. Another option is to make your kitty a little tipi. Look online for specific instructions. If you want to go all out, make your feline friend a box castle!

Pet Hammock

Cats often love hammocks in warm weather, as they are cooler than regular pet beds. You’ll need a table with four legs, a piece of material, and twine or Velcro. Cut the fabric so that it’s a little smaller than the tabletop, and then attach the corners to the legs. Voila! Instant purr!

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