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Veterinary Technician
Holly can’t remember a time when she didn’t love the company of animals. She’s always felt an obligation to help those who can’t always help themselves. That’s why veterinary medicine was the perfect career path for her! Holly is proud to continue her journey right here at the Animal Medical Center of Bel Air.

Holly is originally from Mountain Top, Pennsylvania, and it was in a clinic there that she first launched her animal-care career as a Veterinary Assistant. She received on-the-job training to become a Veterinary Technician, then started working at another hospital in Scotrun. Upon moving to a farm in Maryland, Holly decided to continue her work in the animal-care world and signed on as a Tech here at the Animal Medical Center of Bel Air. She’s been a member of the clinic family ever since!

Around the hospital, Holly enjoys performing laboratory work because of the way it satisfies her interests in parasitology and microbiology. She’s also fond of comforting nervous or anxious pets in order to help them feel more comfortable.

Holly’s interests away from the office including reading, practicing her photography skills, playing disc golf, and learning—she’s only a few classes away from earning her Bachelor’s degree in biology! At home, Holly has two loveable cats who go by Ebby and Milly.
Veterinary Assistant
Dylan had a lot of family pets while growing up in Havre de Grace, and he never took for granted the love, loyalty, and companionship they provided him. He’s always known that he would love to care for animals hands-on and give something back to the pets who have given him so much! That’s why he became a member of the Animal Medical Center of Bel Air team.

After serving time in the military, Dylan moved back to Harford County from Connecticut and decided to jump headfirst into veterinary medicine. He joined the Animal Medical Center of Bel Air family in September of 2018 as a Kennel Assistant, and has since worked his way up into a Veterinary Assistant role. His favorite part of every work day is getting to make the animals under his purview feel comfortable and cared for—Dylan loves getting to know each and every patient that comes in the clinic doors!

Dylan shares his life with his fiancé, his teenaged stepson, and his beloved Chi-weenie, Peach. In his time away from work, he enjoys taking long walks with his family and exploring the historic Havre de Grace area.
Veterinary Assistant
Deanna grew up in Harford County with a house full of animals. She’s adored the company of pets ever since her earliest days, and she always suspected that a job that allowed her to work hands-on with animals would suit her well. Now, Deanna is proud to help not only pets, but the people who care for them—she’s a member of the Veterinary Assistant team here at the Animal Medical Center of Bel Air!

Deanna started her animal-care journey by signing on as an Assistant at an emergency center. She also volunteered at a therapeutic horseback riding center, which only further deepened her desire to work with pets directly. Next, Deanna moved into clinic work and has been caring for animals as an Assistant ever since. She joined the Animal Medical Center of Bel Air family in August of 2019, and the rest is history!

Around the hospital, Deanna particularly enjoys laboratory work and examining samples under the microscope. Her favorite part of her job, though, is getting to interact directly with the area’s pets and their loving owners. For her, knowing that she’s able to make a difference means that every day is worth it.

Deanna is currently studying sociology in college, and hopes to become a therapist specializing in animal therapy. When time permits between her shifts here at the clinic and her school work, she enjoys spending time with her own animal companions at home. Deanna has three bearded dragons—Zara, Morgan, and Cinnamon—as well as a lovable Shiba Inu named Raiden and an American Paint Horse who goes by Luna.
Assistant Manager, Receptionist
Nina grew up in Havre de Grace, Maryland with a house full of pets. She can’t remember a time when she didn’t want to improve the lives of all the animals she possibly could. What better way to do just that, Nina thought, than by working in the world of professional animal medicine? Her dream hasn’t wavered, and she’s now a proud member of the Animal Medical Center of Bel Air family!

Nina launched her veterinary journey when she signed on as a receptionist at another animal hospital, learning hands-on as she went along. She joined the Animal Medical Center of Bel Air team in November of 2016, and now serves as the hospital’s Assistant Manager! Nina has a particular passion for greeting the clinic’s boarding pets every morning, and she also loves the scientific aspect of her work. Her favorite part of the job, though, is getting to see firsthand the incredible bonds between the area’s pet owners and their animal companions.

When she has free time away from work, Nina can be found relaxing with friends and family or enjoying outdoor activities with her dog, Diamond. Diamond is a young pit bull and especially loves going for drives with the windows down, romping around with other dogs, and going for long walks.
Lynne grew up as part of a large family in Baltimore, where dogs and cats were a part of life from day one. She’s had a passion for pet care ever since her earliest days! For Lynne, nothing beats getting to help animals and their owners as a member of the Animal Medical Center of Bel Air’s front-desk team.

Lynne began her journey in animal medicine by signing up for Veterinary Assistant courses at Harford Community College. During the program, she interned right here at the Animal Medical Center of Bel Air to gain crucial hands-on experience in the field of veterinary care. After graduating in the spring of 2012, Lynne was happy to sign on here at the clinic as a full-time staff member. She’s been here ever since!

Lynne has been married for more than 20 years and is a proud mother to two teenage sons. She and her family share their home with three cats: Gracie, Pebbles, and Nacho.
Veterinary Assistant, Receptionist
Carlie is a pet owner herself. That means she understands exactly how important the companions of Bel Air are to the area’s loving pet owners––Carlie makes it her mission every day to treat each and every hospital visitor as if they were her very own!

A native of Abingdon, Carlie enrolled in Harford Community College’s Veterinary Assistant program to earn her certifications, completing two internships during her studies. She signed on with the Animal Medical Center of Bel Air team in March of 2017, and now helps the area’s pets and animal owners on a daily basis as a Veterinary Assistant and Receptionist.

In her time away from the office, Carlie can be found spending quality time with her mother and her own pets at home. She has two cats––Stella, whose favorite pastime is begging for food, and Frank, the cuddle-bug of the group––as well as a toy poodle named Bentley that sticks to Carlie’s mother like glue.
Veterinary Assistant
Gigi’s stepfather frequently brought home sick, injured, or nursing animals during Gigi’s childhood, and she found a true joy in helping those creatures feel better. Her early experiences made a permanent impression that would affect Gigi for the rest of her life––as fate would have it, she wound up caring for pets as a veterinary professional! She’s proud to serve as a Veterinary Assistant here at the Animal Medical Center of Bel Air.

Gigi was born in Aberdeen and raised in Havre de Grace. Her first foray into the animal-care world came when she secured a job in a pet store. A few years later, she got her foot in the door at a local animal shelter before signing on as a member of the kennel staff. When the time came to further her career, Gigi decided to dive headfirst into veterinary medicine––she was happy to join the Animal Medical Center of Bel Air family in the summer of 2016 as a Veterinary Assistant.

Diagnostic work is Gigi’s favorite part of her job; for her, nothing beats decoding a set of symptoms to reach a proper diagnosis. Most of all, she loves meeting new pets and their owners on a daily basis.

Much of Gigi’s free time away from work is spent tending to her own lovable pets at home. She and her daughter share their lives with three dogs––Bones, an 80-pound Labrador who thinks he’s a cat; Dodge the affectionate Shepherd; and a work in progress named Floki––as well as two rambunctious cats who go by Bast and Styxx.
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