8 Things Cats Are Curious About

January 22nd is a special day for kitties: it’s Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! If your cat could ask about the things she wants to know most, what do you think that she would be most curious about? A Forest Hill, MD vet offers some suggestions in this article.

The Monster In The Closet

Does your kitty often run for her favorite hiding spot whenever you take the vacuum out? Fluffy really doesn’t understand that scary machine, or why it’s so loud!

Your Computer

Cats often like to sit or sleep on their owner’s computers. We’ve also seen kitties who like to curl up with mice, or walk across keyboards. It’s probably safe to say that Fluffy has posted a few social media updates in her day.

The View From Up There

Many of our feline patients really enjoy hopping up to high vantage points. You can’t really blame Fluffy for her love of heights. When you think about it, she doesn’t have much of a view from floor level!


Kitties just can’t resist jumping into boxes. While your feline friend will most likely be thrilled to find herself with a box that is just the right size for her to nap in, she’ll still happily check out any box you bring home.

That Little Red Dot

Playing with your cat regularly is one of the best things you can do for her. Fluffy may never figure out what that red dot is, but she hasn’t given up on catching it!


It’s entirely possible that Fluffy would want to know more about her food. Cats may very well think it odd that we pop open cans or bags and their dishes are magically refilled. Then again, maybe your kitty would be more interested in knowing why her breakfast was late.


Some kitties are very lithe and graceful. Others? Not so much. If your cat has ever failed a jump, she may have been pretty puzzled as to what went wrong.

The Outdoors

Many of our feline pals love outdoor activities, like rolling around in the yard. However, it’s best not to let your pet indulge her taste for adventure. Cats are much safer staying indoors!

If you have questions about your cat’s health or care, call us, your Forest Hill, MD vet clinic, today. We’re dedicated to offering great veterinary care!

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