Tips on Choosing Cat Toys

Do you find a small mountain of cat toys every time you move your couch? Does Fluffy sometimes ignore her catnip mice, and bat a bottlecap around instead? Read on for some great tips from a local Brandon, FL vet on choosing cat toys.

Older Cats

As Fluffy grows older, she may experience a decline in her vision and/or hearing. Keep these things in mind. If your pet develops vision problems, offer her playthings that make noise. Cats who don’t hear very well may prefer toys that light up.

Multiple Cats

If you have more than one kitty, make sure you have more than enough playthings to go around. You don’t want Fluffy and Gizmo fighting over who gets to use the catnip mouse!

DIY Options

You don’t have to spend a fortune on Fluffy’s things. There are lots of cute homemade toys you can make for your pet out of ordinary household items. Look online for ideas and instructions.

Things To Consider

Playing with Fluffy regularly is one of the best things that you can do for her. You’ll want to get some toys that you can use to play with your cat, such as a wand toy or laser pointer. Your pet will also need some things she can play with alone, like catnip mice and/or crinkly balls.


Kitties are all unique individuals, and they all have their own tastes in toys. Some like squeaky toys, while others prefer crinkly things. Pay attention to your cat’s playtime behavior, and see what she likes best.


Some cats love catnip, but not all of them are affected by it. In fact, about a third of our feline friends are ‘immune’ to its effects. If Fluffy doesn’t seem to care for catnip, try offering her a honeysuckle cat toy instead.

Modern Toys

Kitties definitely have some pretty devoted fans in the technology center. Every year, more high-tech cat toys come out. Offer your pet a robotic mouse, remote-controlled snake, or a mechanical ‘swimming’ fish. Automated laser pointers are also a big hit with our feline companions.


Always put Fluffy’s safety first. Avoid anything small or sharp. Also, put wand toys away when you aren’t using them, so your kitty doesn’t get tangled up.

Please contact us, your Forest Hill, MD vet clinic, if ever we can be of assistance. We’re here to help!

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