Hamster Care Tips

Do you have a pet hamster? If so, you have a super cute little pet! Here at the Animal Medical Center of Bel Air, we pride ourselves on providing great care for a variety of animals, from big, goofy dogs to teeny-tiny pocket pets, like gerbils and hamsters. Read on for some great tips from a Forest Hill, MD vet on caring for your hamster.

Don’t Fall For Hamster Theatrics

Hamsters are adorable, and they know how to use their cuteness to their advantage. Hammie is a very accomplished beggar. He also has a habit of stashing food, and then pretending he’s still hungry. Pay attention to your pet’s portion sizes. Let your vet’s recommendations, not that charming furry face, guide you.

Let Hammie Settle In

It may be tempting to immediately pet and hold your hamster, but it’s best to wait. Let your hamster adjust to his new home for a few days before handling him.

Keep The Temperature Right

Hamsters were originally desert animals, and they really don’t do well in the cold. If your pet gets too chilly, he may try to hibernate. This is very dangerous for pet hamsters, as they don’t know how to hibernate properly. Keep the room your hamster’s cage is in between 65 to 75 degrees.

Do Breed-Specific Research

Different types of hamsters have different care needs. Syrian hamsters, for example, should always live alone. Others can sometimes be kept in pairs, if they bond young. Do some research about the type of hamster you have.

Keep The Cage Clean

Hamsters only require minimal daily care, but there are some things you’ll have to do every day. In addition to providing your pint-sized pal with fresh food and water, you’ll need to remove any waste and uneaten food from his cage. About once a week, you’ll need to give your pet’s cage a more thorough cleaning, and replace the bedding.

Let Hammie Play

Let your pet get out of his cage to enjoy some free time every day. You’ll want to do some petproofing, and keep the little guy contained to a specific area. If your hamster is a child’s pet, supervise this time closely. (Tip: have your youngster sit or kneel on the floor to handle Hammie.)

Please contact us, your local Forest Hill, MD vet clinic, with any questions about hamster care. We’re here for you!

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