Cold Weather Care For Fido

Winter is just around the corner! Whether you love or hate the cold, it’s time to make some preparations. You may also want to make some adjustments to your dog’s care routine as the temperature drops. Here, a Forest Hill, MD vet discusses caring for Fido in winter.


Winter can be pretty hard on Fido’s furry feet. For one thing, your four-legged friend’s paws may get dry and cracked. Running around on snow, salt, sand, ice, and chemical de-icing agents is also pretty unpleasant for your pooch, and can cause burns or blisters. Use paw balm or wax to protect your dog’s paws, and use pet-friendly de-icers.


Fido may very well sleep through a good chunk of winter. Make sure your pooch has a good bed. Wash your pup’s bedding regularly, using hot water and unscented detergent.


That pretty fur won’t really protect your pet from frigid temperatures. Dogs with thin coats will be much more comfortable wearing a jacket on their walks. Make sure that Fido’s clothes fit well, and aren’t too itchy, hot, tight, or restricting.


Did you know that dead fur inhibits the insulating properties of Fido’s coat? Take a few minutes a day to brush your dog. This will help him stay warm and comfortable.


When walking Fido, choose boots or shoes with good tread, so you don’t slip. Stay away from frozen bodies of water, riverbanks, and other potential hazards. For after-dark walks, we recommend wearing reflective clothing and taking a flashlight and phone with you.


On frigid days, both you and your pet may want to keep walks short and sweet. However, Fido will still need some activity. Keep him active by playing with him indoors. You can play games like Fetch inside. Just choose an area without a lot of breakable objects.


Did you know that dogs sometimes get dehydrated when it’s cold? Make sure your pooch always has fresh water. You can also give Fido some sodium-free broth as a snack.


Fido may need larger portions in winter as he’ll burn extra calories just staying warm. Some dogs will also benefit from specific supplements. Ask your vet for specific advice.

All of us here at Animal Medical Center Bel Aire, your local Forest Hill, MD vet clinic, want to wish you a wonderful holiday season. Please contact us anytime!

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