Hydrotherapy For Dogs

Modern veterinary medicine has made some great strides over the past few decades. Every year, we see more and more methods for treating various illnesses and injuries and just helping pets feel better. One thing that we are proud to feature here at the Animal Medical Center of Bel Air is hydrotherapy. As you may know, hydrotherapy involves the use of water to promote healing. In fact, the term ‘hydrotherapy’ means ‘water healing’ in Greek. A local Forest Hill, MD vet discusses hydrotherapy in this article.

Types of Hydrotherapy

Although there are a few different types of hydrotherapy, the underwater treadmill is the most common. This is essentially a doggy treadmill that is placed in a special chamber. Your dog will walk in, and then the chamber will fill with water, usually to about chest level. At this point, Fido typically gives us an adorable questioning look, and then starts to walk.


Hydrotherapy can help dogs with a variety of issues. It’s often used to help pups recuperate from serious injuries, such as fractures, as well as those afflicted by issues such as degenerative joint disease. It can also help pets with arthritis and/or hip dysplasia. Ask your vet for more information.


Hydrotherapy offers many of the same benefits that swimming does. Because the water will support your pet’s weight, it’s a great way for him to get some exercise without putting a lot of stress on his bones and joints. This can improve dogs’ muscle tone, increase their flexibility, and reduce joint pain, which in turn will improve their range of motion. Hydrotherapy is also good for your pup’s heart and circulation, as well as his skin and coat. Additional benefits include improving Fido’s immunity system and helping remove toxins from his body. It’s also great for pooches who need to lose weight or work on their balance.

Things To Consider

While hydrotherapy is wonderful, it isn’t necessarily right for every pup. For example, dogs with ear problems may not be the best candidates, as getting water into an infected or compromised ear can exacerbate those issues. That said, it never hurts to ask questions. If you think your dog may be a good candidate, ask your vet for more information.

Do you want to know more about hydrotherapy for pets? Contact us, your Forest Hill, MD vet clinic, today. We’re here to help!

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