Fido’s Rules For Playing Fetch

National Fetch Day is October 17th! Fetch is definitely one of Fido’s favorite games. It’s not only lots of fun for Man’s Best Buddy, it’s also a great workout for him. While you may not think there are many rules involved in this game, it turns out that our canine companions do have some guidelines. A Bel Air, MD vet lists some of them below.

Do It Often

If Fido had one golden rule about playing Fetch, this would probably be it. And, to be fair, it’s a good one! Most dogs will definitely benefit from daily play sessions. Fetch works for almost any dog, and can (sometimes) be played indoors. It’s also great for people that aren’t able to keep up with their pets. Your pup will do all the work while you stay still!

Leave The Cat Out Of It

Did you know that our feline friends can also play Fetch? Some cats have some pretty dog-like behaviors. Take the Bengal, for instance. This pretty spotted kitty not only plays Fetch, it also actually likes splashing around in water. Even if Fluffy doesn’t return the toy you toss, she’ll probably have fun running after it.

Automate It

If Fido really, really, really loves playing Fetch, you may want to consider getting him an automated ball launcher. This may be just as entertaining for you as it is for your pet! Just get one that uses tennis balls that are the appropriate size for your pooch. Dogs can choke on things that are too big or too small for them.

Incorporate Treats

We know, playing Fetch with treats sounds a bit backwards. After all, the odds of Fido actually returning the treat to you are pretty much nil. However, if your dog could make up his own rules, it’s probably safe to say he’d at least try to get this one passed.

Savor The Moment

Fido is very loving and loyal, and really only wants to hang out with his humans. If your pooch could talk, he’d probably tell you that he doesn’t only love playing Fetch because he enjoys running after things, but also because he craves that quality time with you. Enjoy this special time with your pup. Dogs make everything better!

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