4 Reasons To Adopt A Specially Abled Pet

May 3rd is a special day for animal lovers: it’s Adopt A Specially-Abled Pet Day! It’s hard not to feel sad for the dogs and cats that keep getting passed over simply because they’re a little less than perfect. If you’re considering bringing a new animal companion into your home, you may want to take a closer look at some of those unwanted and unloved pets. Here, a Bellaire, TX vet lists some reasons these guys are extra special. 




Specially-abled pets often get passed over because of assumptions. People tend to think that a deaf cat or a blind dog will need a lot more attention and care than the other pets in the shelter, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Many just need things done a little differently. For instance, if you adopt a blind kitty, you’ll want to petproof a bit more than usual, by doing things like setting out runners, using stick-on air fresheners as scent markers, and putting baby gates near stairs. If you aren’t sure, reach out to your vet. It never hurts to learn more! 


Personal Growth 


There is definitely a lot to worry about in today’s world, and the vast majority of it is out of our individual control. However, bringing peace, love, and laughter into your life can definitely brighten your days. You may also find it very rewarding to help a cute pet that desperately needs love and care. 




Pets that are specially abled are quite remarkable, in that many of them don’t seem to know or care that they’re a little different. Our animal companions are incredibly resilient, and often bounce right back from injuries. There are plenty of three-legged pups out there, running around and playing and just having the time of their lives! 


Love Conquers All 


It’s amazing how an animal’s love can transform and improve our lives. Fluffy and Fido offer comfort, care, companionship, and entertainment, and just keep us smiling. That’s a pretty good trade for food and cuddles! Many specially-abled pets have an extraordinary capacity for love and loyalty. These guys are often extremely-attention starved, and just want somebody to love them. You may melt the first time your new buddy snuggles up to you! 


Do you have questions about caring for a specially-abled pet? Please contact us, your local Bellaire, TX animal clinic, anytime! 

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