Summer Care for Dogs

Summer is a great time to be a dog! Fido gets to explore parks, roll around in the yard, and play outdoors without getting cold. However, as with all seasons, summertime does bring its own hazards for our canine pals. A Bel Air, MD vet discusses summer care for dogs in this article.


First and foremost, make sure that Fido always has plenty of water. If you often find your furry buddy’s bowl dry, set out extra watering stations, or get him an automated waterer. If your pooch spends time in the yard, be sure to put a bowl outside as well.


Brushing your pet regularly will not only help keep him looking soft and clean, it will also keep him cooler. Dead fur and dander can interfere with the insulating properties of your pet’s coat. Regular doggy beauty sessions are very beneficial! Some pooches are also more comfortable with summer haircuts. Just check with your vet first, as this isn’t a good option for every pup.


Our canine companions need activity to stay healthy, but they can easily overheat in summer. On sweltering days, walk and play with Fido in the mornings and evenings, when it’s cooler out.

Paw Care

Walking barefoot on hot ground is just as uncomfortable for pets as it is for people. Keep Fido on soft surfaces as much as possible, and use paw balm or wax to protect his feet.

Keeping Fido Cool

Want to score some extra tail wags? Offer Fido some doggy ice cream or another cool snack. You can also get your furry pal a cold Kong toy. Fill it with peanut butter, organic baby food, water, or sodium free broth, and freeze it.

Doggy Bed

Your pooch may appreciate a hammock bed, which will stay a bit cooler than a regular doggy bed. These are great for outdoors, too, as they’re so easy to hose down. Another thing you can do is to put a cool water bottle in your pup’s bed, with a soft towel over it.


Always put Fido’s safety first. Never, ever leave your dog in a hot room or a locked vehicle, even for just a minute. This can be a deadly mistake!

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