The Benefits of Veterinary House Calls

Did you know that you can request house calls for veterinary appointments? There are some great perks to having your vet come to visit your pet, rather than it being the other way around. Read on as a Forest Hill, MD vet lists some of the benefits of veterinary house calls.

No Driving

When you have your vet come to you, you won’t have to waste time driving or waiting at stoplights. Being able to skip the drive is of course a huge plus for people whose pets get carsick. It’s also great for anyone with mobility and/or transportation problems.

No Corralling Multiple Pets

If you have more than one pet, you might find trips to the vet a bit awkward, especially if you have to manage multiple carriers. Veterinary house calls allow you to easily have all of your animal friends seen at once.

Easier For Large Dogs

If your canine companion is a large breed, it can be challenging getting him from point A to point B. This can become even harder as he ages. Older dogs often have trouble getting in and out of cars, and Fido will be too heavy to easily lift.


If we were able to poll our patients and find out if they want house calls, we suspect that they would unanimously vote yes. Being able to stay comfy and cozy at home is especially great for senior pets, who are sometimes very stiff and tender, and can get uncomfortable being transported.


People who work at home can definitely benefit from veterinary house calls, as they won’t have to disrupt their work. Stay-home moms may also appreciate not having to bring young children to the vet’s.

Dignified Farewell

Saying goodbye to a furry friend is always hard, but, when it’s time, having your vet come to you may make things much easier on both you and your beloved pet. This allows you the chance to keep your animal companion comfortable until the very end, and let go in a peaceful and serene way.


While there are some great benefits to veterinary house calls, they aren’t going to be the right option for every appointment. Ask your vet for more information.

Do you think a house call would be a good choice for your pet? Call us, your local Forest Hill, MD pet hospital, today!

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