Catproofing Your Tree

Seasons’ Greetings! It’s always great to relax, slow down, and spend time with friends and family, enjoying seasonal festivities and events. Those beautiful holiday decorations also help make this time of year look and feel special. However, if you have a cat, you may find yourself in a bit of a predicament. Our feline pals are notorious for toppling Christmas trees! Read on as a local Forest Hill, MD vet offers tips on catproofing your tree.


Choosing the right spot for your tree is very important. If possible, put the tree in a corner. Don’t put it too close to a desk, chair, or sofa. That will just make it easy for Fluffy, as you’ll be essentially offering her easy access.


Choose a tree with a sturdy base, one that won’t wobble. If you suspect that your feline buddy will try to climb the tree, use fishing line to secure the tree top to the wall or ceiling. It won’t show, but may help keep the tree standing.

Decorating Tactics

Keep your frisky furball in mind when you decorate your tree. Hang only sturdy, non-breakable items on the lower third of the tree. Keep ribbons, tinsel, lights, and breakable ornaments on the top part, out of paws’ reach.

Distract The Furball

Bribery can be quite effective when dealing with bad petiquette. Give your kitty some new toys, and perhaps some empty boxes to play in. You may also want to tire your cat out by playing with her. Use interactive toys, like a laser pointer, to make things more fun and challenging for Fluffy.

Teach Fluffy Good Petiquette

You should never punish your furball for trying to play with your tree: that will just frighten and confuse her. After all, climbing trees is natural for kitties! However, you may be able to change your furry friend’s mind about the benefits of going near the tree. When Fluffy gets too close, make a loud noise. Bang two pans together, or rattle a jar of change. This may frighten her enough to make her avoid the tree.

Go Fake

You may want to opt for a fake tree. Fluffy may still bat at the ornaments, but she won’t be able to climb it.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Animal Medical Center of Bel Air, your local Forest Hill, MD vet clinic. Contact us anytime!

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