Tips For Bathing Fido

Does your dog bolt for his favorite hiding spot at the mention of the dreaded B-word? Fido is very cute, but he isn’t very fond of the process that keeps his fur soft and clean. In fact, some of our canine patients need quite a bit of prodding at bath time. A Forest Hill, MD vet offers some tips on bathing your cute pet in this article.

Stay Organized

Get a dedicated storage tote or shower caddy, and keep your pup’s grooming supplies in that. That way, you won’t have to run around looking for what you need.

Pre-Bath Brushing

Before you bathe your dog, give him a good brushing. This will help loosen and remove dead fur and dander. Not only will this make bathing Fido a little easier, it will also reduce the amount of fur you find in your tub afterwards.

Do The Prep Work

Put a rubber bath mat down in the tub. This will help protect it from getting scratched up. You may also want to put some old towels on the floor beside the tub to soak up any water that splashes out.

Helpful Hacks

Do you always end up soaking wet and covered with dog fur after bathing Fido? Get a clear shower curtain, and cut two slits in it. They should be about shoulder-width apart, and perhaps four feet tall, going from the bottom up. Hang the curtain at doggy bathing time. You’ll be able to see, but won’t get as wet.

Making Bath Time Fun

If your dog really, really, really hates getting bathed, see if you can change his mind. Call—or coax—Fido into the bathroom. Have him hop into the tub. Your pup will probably be expecting a bath at this point. Give him a piece of bacon instead! Keep doing this, and you may find your canine pal becoming less and less wary of bathtime. Also, remember to reward your pooch with a yummy snack or a new toy after every bath.


It’s very possible that dogs don’t like shampoos that smell strongly. Fido may also (understandably) hate getting soap in his eyes. Use gentle, unscented pet shampoos, and use a pitcher or teapot to rinse your dog’s head. Or, just use a washcloth to clean his face.

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