Holiday Gifts For Older Dogs

Is your canine pal in his twilight years? If so, he may spend most of the holidays napping, instead of trying to eat all of your decorations. Fido’s age is also something to A Forest Hill, MD veterinarian lists a few things your pup may enjoy in this article.


It’s very important for senior dogs to be able to sleep comfortably at night. A thick bed with good support will help cushion Fido from hard, chilly floors while he’s dreaming of bacon and squirrel chasing. We recommend orthopedic beds for older dogs, though some may benefit from elevated beds.


Does your pooch have thin fur? A comfy sweater may help keep Fido warm and comfy on those frigid winter days.

Pet Ramps

Is your canine companion having a hard time getting in and out of the car, or jumping on and off beds? Pet ramps or stairs will help him get around more easily. Slings may help for small or medium geriatric dogs with mobility problems.

Paw Care

Fido’s paw pads are very sensitive. As he gets older, he’ll also become more sensitive to extreme hot and cold. Paw balm or wax can help keep your pet’s paw pads from cracking and chafing. You may also want to try a new set of clippers, or even a nail grinder.

Pet Fountain

Did you know that many pets prefer to drink running water? Treat Fido by getting him his very own doggy fountain.

Elevated Dishes

As dogs get older, they can get quite stiff and sore, just as many people do. This can make eating off the floor uncomfortable, as your pooch will need to splay his legs to eat, which could strain his neck and back. Ask your vet about giving your pooch a raised bowl.


Fido may enjoy a doggy massage, especially if he is quite stiff and sore. Ask your vet to recommend a good pet masseuse.


Your pet may benefit from certain vitamins or supplements. Glucosamine and fish oil can both be very beneficial to pups with arthritis or hip dysplasia. Ask your vet for recommendations.


No matter how old Fido is, he’ll never outgrow his love of snacks. Look for healthy options. Dental treats may be beneficial.

Do you have questions about caring for an older dog? Contact us, your Forest Hill, MD animal clinic, anytime!

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