Is Fostering Pets Right For You?

Have you ever considered fostering a pet? Foster parents play a very crucial role in the process of finding pets permanent homes. This can be a very fulfilling experience. It’s also a short term commitment, which can be helpful for some. However, there are things to consider. A Forest Hill, MD veterinarian offers some information on fostering below.

Why Fosters Are Needed

Pets can need fostering for many different reasons. Young puppies and kittens need round-the-clock care, as do many pets that are sick, injured, or recovering from illness, injury, abuse, and/or malnutrition. Some animal rescue organizations don’t have physical buildings, and rely on volunteers to take care of their furry wards. Sometimes, pets need to be socialized and/or trained before being put up for adoption. Fosters also can sometimes help with overflow when shelters are too full to accept any more animals.

How Fostering Helps

Fostering is basically a halfway point for pets. It’s often a stop between being rescued and/or being in a shelter and going to a forever home, which is of course the ultimate goal. For animals that are frightened, hurt, or traumatized, it gives them a much-needed chance to heal and learn to trust again. Foster homes are also a way for workers to test and assess pets, so they can determine what kind of home will be the best fit for them.

Things To Consider

Fostering can be a wonderful experience. However, it isn’t right for everyone. The first and most obvious pitfall is the foster fail. This is to some extent ‘purr’ for the course: it’s hard to say goodbye to an animal that you’ve cared for and grown attached to! However, it does somewhat defeat the purpose. You’ll also want to consider your household, budget, schedule, and, of course, your other pets.

Getting Started

If you’ve thought everything over and think you want to give it a go, your next step would be to reach out to local organizations and see what they need. You can expect to undergo some level of vetting. This may entail things like background checks, home visits, and meet-and-greets with other pets. There may also be some training required. That’s not a bad thing: learning and growth are big parts of life!

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